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w/e 10 November 2023

With verbal prompts and help, Beth turned the t-shirt the correct way before snack time.

Everett went with an adult to a different area of the school to help make toast for morning snack time. He knew where to put the bread and how to turn the toaster on & he sat patiently waiting for the toast to pop up. When putting the bread in the toaster he counted "one, two" for the first two pieces. Once the toast was ready, he carefully held the plate and with some help from adult, he brought the toast to his class. He seemed very content and focused on the task throughout.

Amber was showing interest with investigating the smell of herbs in the garden. She smiled and made eye contact with the adult she was working with and sustained interest in particular smells for up to a minute at a time.

Saxon used counters to help him complete basic sums up to 10. He used the counters to replicate the sum on the whiteboard and then counted the total with some support. He then wrote the number to complete the sum.

Riana was able to choose a song from a choosing board, from a choice of 6. She made her choice independently. Riana also varied her decision when she came up to the board the second time.

Bailey-Mae got straight onto Spot with only a little help to get her leg right over the horse. She had a very relaxed ride round the school. She had support to dismount. Bailey-Mae groomed Melvin then stroked him calmly.

Samuel was prompted by an adult to engage in yoga activity he sat on the yoga mat and with adult support imitated yoga stretches. Samuel was given hand and foot massages while listening to relaxing music. When adult paused Samuel independently placed his hand and foot in their hand indicating he wanted more. Samuel engaged in this activity 3-5 minutes.