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w/e 12 May 2023

We went on our community visit to Subway. Zain chose to buy a cookie from the choosing chart. He went up to request and pay for his cookie with adult support and then went to the seating area with his cookie.

Maisie tapped the girl symbol when asked ‘Are you a boy or girl?’ With verbal and gestural support, Maisie sorted pictures of boys and girls. After sorting 4 with support, Maisie sorted 6 more pictures correctly with minimal prompts to stay on task.

James was able to use financial notes to answer an additional sum with confidence whilst working with an adult.

With adult support Ilias was taking turns to play ‘topple’ and ‘shark bite’. He understands ‘waiting’ and ‘my turn’ symbols, just needs prompts to wait as he gets inpatient. He was also pointing the symbol ‘my turn’ to show he wanted a turn.

Lexi enjoyed our literacy lesson on the hungry caterpillar. Lexi posted images of food into the caterpillar box, and sat and listened to our story. With adult promoting, Lexi joined in an adult led activity at the table with her peers. Lexi made a caterpillar out of cucumber and tomato’s, which she enjoyed eating.

After going through all of the coins on the sheet, Jacob matched the coins with few verbal prompts. He was engaged throughout the numeracy lesson.

Zain was able to to sort most pictures of girls and boys correctly . Zain said the names of the people in the pictures . With verbal and gestural support he was able to sort the photos.