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w/e 17 November 2023

Ramzan sat for circle time and when asked by an adult to help with the task, he was able to complete it with some adult prompting. He was asked to put 4 grapes into a bowl. He counted with an adult and stopped when he got to 4. Well done Ramzan!

During her ICT lesson, Elsie was able to use the car remote control independently to move her car around the classroom. She knew that she had to press the arrow buttons on the remote control to move the car in different directions. Elsie enjoyed this activity by staying focused and watching where her car was going.

Marcus was working in the cafe, preparing the carrots for the Diwali Special. He independently pealed the carrots and then grated them. Marcus also stirred all the ingredients together in the pan. He was very engaged throughout this activity.

Bradley really enjoyed his trip out to Burstons Garden Centre. He looked around the grotto, explored the different textures of the snow effect and the iron bridge and walking backwards over the small bridge.

As part of ASDAN, Thomas was asked to make a fruit kebab. An adult modelled how to cut the fruit and put the pieces on the kebab stick. With lots of encouragement, Thomas did eventually chop up some apple. With some hand-over-hand support and verbal prompting, he put his fruit on the kebab stick. He really enjoyed eating it!

Abi used a grid 3 game to interact with switches making independent choices to change the outcome of the clips involved.

Reese participated in an attention autism task for literacy making his own treacle-tracks as a sensory mark-making activity (literacy). He was focused on the materials and the sounds and patterns generated, smiling throughout.

Jacob was able to match the correct word and the symbols, with little prompts. He was able to trace his name with little verbal prompts.