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w/e 21 April 2023

Casper made porridge yesterday. When given the instruction scrambled he was able to sequence them independently. Casper wanted to put them left to right rather than top to bottom in a list. Casper was able to tell me why he needed to put he porridge in the microwave and he said "to make it hot".

This morning Maisie was independently using grid player, she was able to use a cause and effect game. Maisie was engaged during this activity and enjoyed using the interactive white board.

Eliza sharing a space/activity with a friend.

Monroe sat and engaged for maths circle time and explored the Numicon afterwards. She particularly liked 9 as it was purple. She then tried to fill the whole board with Numicon, using problem solving to fill in any gaps.

Teddy went to an adult and took their hand and led them to the tumble wheel, he sat in the wheel and enjoyed being rolled slowly around the playground, often smiling. If the adult stopped then Teddy would gesture for them to carry on. What next: using a bike or scooter on playground.

Ilias hung his belongings on his peg, then with a bit of physical support he unzipped the bag, took his book out and put it in the box independently.

Marcus got up to go to the board to use the grid player, was very happy to tell us what he did last night.

During a literacy lesson, Riana was mark making following patterns hand-over-hand with an adult. She used her right hand, chose what pattern she wanted to copy and also independently chose what mark making tool she wanted to choose. She drew the pattern with adult support a few times on the paper.