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w/e 22 March 2024

Zaina used Grid 3 to request her lunch - she requested each item with some prompting, by selecting the symbols. She then requested her pudding independently.

During circle time, Ava was able to say what colour was next when we talked about a pattern of pink and then green. She was then able to independently take off one 'bun' on her sheet, during the song '6 Currant Buns'. Ava was also able to count out the buns and hold up the correct number of fingers for 1 to 6. She then explored the Numicon pieces.

In Numeracy we were learning about 'more' and 'less', with adult modelling and verbal and physical support. Jacob showed good understanding of more and less and was able to finish the task and stayed focused.

During playtime Reese likes a number of activities and will find an adult to help him, by taking their hand and leading them to the desired area. Reese has recently taken an interest in the bike and will find an adult to pedal for him.

Ismael identified that he was feeling excited - when asked why, he said "Food Tech with Mandeville".

Jack really enjoyed his rebound session. He was able to sit up when asked and would hold onto the adult's hand before he got bounced more. He shows enjoyment by laughing, smiling and giggling while on the trampoline.

During our starter, David used large Numicon and symbols to correctly identify more and less with amounts up to 10. During his learning table he was less consistent and stumbled to engage.