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w/e 24/03/23

Francesco completed his task to collect several items leading us around the supermarket then using the automated till to set up a card payment.

When given a choice of 2 paints, Jacob used his communication book to make a choice of colour to paint his picture. Using “I want Green”.

Eliza found the ingredients for her cake, she put the cake mix, water and eggs which she cracked in the bowl and whisked them together. She added chocolate chips and poured the mixture onto the tray.

Levi took part in some food technology this afternoon. He was supported to follow a simple recipe to make flapjacks. Levi went through the instructions with an adult and was able complete each section independently. Levi measured, counted, poured, mixed and patted his ingredients to make his own flapjack.

With an adult sounding out each letter of a word, David was able to independently write each word, using a mixture of lower case and capital letters.

Riana was asked to choose whether a person on a picture was happy or sad and stick the pictures onto a worksheet. Riana was able to decipher the differences between the happy and sad pictures independently and alongside adult help and prompting was able to stick some pictures to her worksheet.

Sam finished his snack and then didn’t want to go outside to playtime. The adult used a now and next board with Sam to show him snack and then playground. Sam looked at the picture but wouldn’t go outside. The adult then showed him some options, one being work at the table. Straight away Sam said yes and went to the cupboard to get some paper and pens to do some colouring. He engaged with this activity for a long period.

Saxon was able to count the number of animals and write the correct answer. He counted up to 16. He was asked how many is one more, he answered 17 independently.