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w/e 26 May 2023

Hannah was working on writing lower case and upper case letters tracing from a template. Hannah was able to write unfamiliar letters, she could even write one of her friends names just from hearing the name “Sam".  She recognised spoken letters to write the word “swim” and when seeing capital letters she could write them in lower case.  Hannah performed independently and stayed engaged for a long time with very little verbal prompting.

Lexi lay on the scooter on her belly, she would move around the room using her legs and arms. She enjoyed the activity and liked it when a member of staff joined in, she smiled.

David had lots of fun at the park playing on the swings with his peers and having a picnic with the sandwich he made during a literacy session.

Nathan enjoys sailing. He likes going out in a sailing boat with a volunteer. With minimum verbal prompting from the volunteer, Nathan was able to help pull the ropes and navigate the sailing boat. Nathan is always very relaxed and chilled after a sailing session.

Marcus was able to prepare food at the cafe with verbal prompts He was engaged well with his task.

Jimmy collected the magnetic numbers and brought them to his area. He lined up the numbers 1 - 5 in order. The adult modelled using the stick to dragging the magnetic ball around the number. Jimmy picked up the stick after a while and attempted to do the same.

Levi listened to the bear hunt story at circle time with his class. He joined in with key phrases from the story after I said ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ he was able to say “we’re going to catch a big one”. He also was able to say and sign all keywords “bear”, “big” and “catch”. Levi really immersed himself with the play afterwards and explored all the different tactile resources provided which included snow, grass and mud. He also tried to bury his friends feet in the snow.

Francesco engaging with matching words to pictures, using colourful Symantec’s.