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w/e 28 April 2023

During our Eid theme day, Jannah participated in making moon biscuits in Food Tech. With an adult, she read through the instructions, pointing at the key symbols and identifying some of the ingredients needed from a choice of 2. She was able to manipulate the dough independently, squashing it down and using the cup to make circles. When she was finished, she signed more and pointed at the dough left of the table. She was fully engaged throughout and understood the task, enabling her to make the moon shapes independently using the cup.

Jimmy was guided to the screen and asked to find his picture. At first Jimmy was not looking at the screen and tried to walk away. The adult redirected him back the screen and asked him to find his picture. The adult then used hand over hand to physical prompt Jimmy to select his picture

Riana took part in the athletics session. She would collect beanbags and put them in the bucket with others in the class as a warm up. She then would do a running race against other students in her class, and then took part in the scoop relay, moving balls from one basket to another. Towards the end of the session we got the large velcro target out and threw balls at it, trying to get the balls on the same colour.

David did counting from 1 to 30 using a number line. He followed institutions to choose and add 2 numbers together using a calculator which he could do with verbal and gestural prompts. He wrote answers independently and he was engaged throughout.

George worked with a member of staff and explored different sensory items while on his sideliner. He would feel the items with his hands with hand over hand support, looking at them closely.

Elliot enjoyed the music, dance and dressing up workshop in the gym. He was very happy, motivated and engaged with all the task proposed to him, such as dressing up and drawing a moon with glue and glitter. Elliot stayed in the gym for about 20' until it was time to go back to the class. Elliot enjoyed celebrating Eid with Poppies class and other peers.

Reece engaged really well in this learning activity. With adult modelling and some verbal prompting, Reece stuck circle shapes on to the body of the caterpillar, independently putting glue on each circle. Reece remained engaged for a prolonged period of time.

The class was told it was time for ‘yoga’ and Levi independently took his shoes and socks off. He then helped the adults roll out the mats then he independently laid down on the mat ready for the session to begin. Levi then was very engaged throughout the lesson, copying the stretches from the adult and requesting a foot massage.