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w/e 5 May 2023

During a phonics session, Maisie was learning the sounds ‘p’ and ‘t’. Maisie was able to recognise the letter and attempted to write them independently. With gestural prompts Maisie was able to use her communication board to request what she wanted on her toast and communicate ‘I want’.

By matching up the numbers, Andrei was able to identify financial notes and even do so without visual support after some practice. He was engaged throughout the activity.

With minimal support David was able to recognise and count the numbers up to 30 on a number line during a numeracy session. David was engaged during this task.

Marcus was able to write an “A” after being shown by the teacher. He was able to focus on the task and independently copy a lower case “a”.

Jimmy joined another student at the water tray, he poured splashed and filled the tray underneath with water using a jug and a syringe. They continued to fill the tray. He giggled a lot, even moving the tray away from the other student laughing. They both moved it back and again poured water into the tray. Jimmy removed his socks and shoes, first he dipped in his big toe laughing and then both feet. He enjoyed splashing in the tray.

When Nathan came into the garden he went to the shed and fetched the secateurs. He then brought them to me and said ‘I need to do some cutting’. I showed him an appropriate shrub to prune and he continued to work steadily throughout the gardening session. He was asked by another member of staff to help cut back a particular plant that was falling over an area being cleared by other students and he willingly diverted from his shrub to assist.