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w/e 8 March 2024

Jannah was asked to sort some items into big and small. At first she was sorting them into colours, but when an adult modelled this, they sorted them together.

Ibrahim is here sitting with the eye gaze computer during lunchtime. He was presented with a page with games on it, which he was able to look towards and thereby choose the game where he splats members of staff by looking at their picture when it shows on the screen. He needed some process time to be able to do this and seemed to gain in confidence as the activity went on.

Othman enjoyed a woodland walk during a class community visit. He identified different woodland objects such as rocks and sticks by pointing and saying the word. He could identify them on the communication board also.

An adult demonstrated how to play with some playdough and at first, Sapphira was quite reluctant to use her hand to hold or touch it. With physical support, Sapphira held the playdough and then followed adult verbal and gestural instructions to squeeze and splat the playdough. She had lots of fun!

Jacob was able to identify things that are 'hot' and 'cold' and with lots of prompts, he matched hot and cold objects, animals and places.

During functional numeracy we were working on ordering a meal to be delivered, as this half term we are looking at hospitality. Nathan was working through an order with a member of staff. To bring the functional numeracy into it, Nathan was asked to add different things to the order and work out the total, then on asking he was able to answer which notes were needed to pay for the orders.

During a Cook Your Own lesson, Marcus was following his instructions to make a cheesecake. He was able to find the ingredients and utensils he needed independently, looking at the symbols on the front of the cupboards.