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Watling View School

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Curriculum Overview

Watling View offers pupils a personalised stimulating curriculum to ensure every pupil can learn, develop and make progress.  The curriculum has an emphasis on the development of pupils communication, life skills and independence.  We feel passionately that all pupils are entitled to an individualised curriculum that is rich in opportunities that will support them as they grow and develop through the school and into adulthood.   The curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils and ensures that pupils are equipped with the cultural capital they need to succeed in life.  Informal learners access a sensory based approach to learning focused on communication, cognition, physical skills, personal, social and emotional being and Environmental Control Technology.  Classes work alongside multi-agency professionals to embed therapy targets in to teaching and learning.


Semi formal learners follow a curriculum in the following core areas of learning; my communication, my thinking, my creativity, me and my community, how my world works, myself and my body.


Watling View follows a thematic approach in order to create a fully immersive learning environment throughout the school.  Long term plans are used to facilitate medium term planning which in turn reflect the needs and interests of groups and individuals.  Medium term plans help inform short term weekly/daily planning for class groups.  Teachers short term planning focuses on individuals and next steps for learning.  Planning is adapted to reflect EHCP outcome curriculum levels, interests and needs of the group.  Ongoing assessment and reflection using Individual Learning objective review sheets and marking of work completed is used to support planning and adapt plans where necessary.



Curriculum Intent
Watling View operates a variety of curriculums, to ensure that the each pupil has a curriculum that is tailored to the individual. The curriculum is designed so it meets the individual needs of all pupils and has the individuals journey targets (EHCP outcomes) overarching the curriculum.  Pupils have access to a breadth of provision in order ensure they are achieving their individual outcomes. We work closely with families to identify the starting point of pupils and to ensure that the future aspirations of pupils are taken into account and supported through the delivery of an exciting, rich and well sequenced curriculum.

Curriculum Overview

An Overview of the Curriculums at Watling View