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w/e 22 September 2023

Harrison was asked to come to the table for an adult directed phonics blending activity. He followed me to the table with a verbal and visual prompt. Harrison remained at the table until the activity was finished with the timer to assist his understanding of when the activity would finish. Harrison did really well with this activity after watching the adult model the expectation he was able to match the letters and really focused in on the adults voice as they repeated the sound as he placed it. Harrison gave a high five at the end of the activity and went to the reading corner for a sensory break.

Ohen sat down for circle time with adult support. He watched as the teacher dug potatoes out of the soil. After a minute or so he walked away from the circle but came back with an adult and a toy. He sat for the rest of circle time looking at his toy. Ohen came to the table top activity when prompted and sat independently for 5 minutes exploring the soil and potatoes using a plastic gardening fork. He put 2 potatoes in a green tray and an adult counted them.

Elliot attended sensory circuit this morning with minimal prompts.

Jacob was able to make his own number line from numicon numbers 1-10 during a numeracy session with minimal support. He was then able to trace the numbers independently after he had made the number line. He then traced his name on the back of his work.

Ari has shown an interest in the print around the room today. He chose himself three peppa pig books from the reading area and took them away. Ari opened the books and turned the pages separately to study each page. Ari also spent time looking some alphabet toys, pressing the buttons individually and listening to the sounds they make.

Marcus was very helpful with the preparation of the food, then cooking the food and eating the cook your own at forest school.

Ava drew a small circle with chalk, she added a smiley face and then added lines all around to look like a sun! She then rubbed it out, picked up a purple chalk and drew a bigger circle.

Zain is here helping to set up for our end of week assembly. Zain was able to follow Aniqa’s verbal instructions of where to get the chairs from, how many to get and where to put them. He was able to finish this activity with minimal prompts and stayed engaged and focused from start to finish. Well done Zain!