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w/e 29 March 2024

With verbal and gestural prompts, Bailey-Mae was able to put the correct number of counters on the eggs up to 5.

Whilst out shopping for snacks, Elsie was able to push the trolley around the supermarket, picking up food items with verbal prompts from staff. At the tills she had a small amount of physical help to scan items and then pay for them. Elsie then helped to put the trolley away.

Henry chose to use the sand tray & he was running the sand through his fingers. An adult then handed him the spoon, which he held onto and used to mark make in the sand.

William was supported to find the price of the meal on the number line. He was given a choice of 2 numbers and chose the correct one each time. From a choice of a £5 and £10, he was also able to find the note needed to pay for the food. He was engaged throughout.

Marcus was able to wait for his turn to go up to do the bucket activity. Each pupil had a turn to do an 'egg splat', Marcus was able to concentrate well and enjoyed the day’s activity.

Frankie used Numicon to help find numbers from 1-10, whilst an adult counted the number of dots on the eggs. Frankie pointed to each dot & when asked "what’s the number?", Frankie pointed to the correct number and glued the egg under the correct one. He showed great understanding of numbers 1-10.

James took part in the Easter Egg Hunt & followed instructions to collect the egg tokens and put them in his basket. He walked around the gym with little support, looking high and low for his token and putting it in the basket, which the adult was holding.