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w/e 26 January 2024

Ismael engaged well reading his book with an adult. He was able to read the text fluently and answered questions about what had happened in the story. He could give a recount of the story and offer some opinions about if he liked the book or not.

Evelyn held the biscuit packet as an object of reference before starting to make a cake. She used the switch to activate the blender, set for 5secs. Evelyn was able to activate a switch she is used to. She timed it well waiting for the sound to stop.

During literacy, with verbal support and physical gesture, Charlie was able to follow the instructions of how to make hot chocolate. He chose out of three stickers, the right cvc word to match up under the cvc words in the instructions. After this, Charlie traced over letter’s following the green arrow.

Ananya really enjoyed the community trip to the shops. She was instructed to locate the biscuits (with an adult) & was shown the photo of the biscuits along with the symbol. Adult prompts were used to pick up the biscuits from the shelf, but she was able to place it in the trolley independently. Ananya showed interest in pushing the trolley so she pushed it around the shop (with some adult guidance) to follow her peers. She also inserted pound coins into the self-checkout - pointing was needed to show her where to put them, but she was able to pinch a coin and slot it in.

Marcus had a fantastic time on the community trip to the Natural History Museum in Tring! He enjoyed walking around and looking at the different animals and used an 'I see' board to comment on certain animals that he could see. The museum was very busy and considering this, Marcus did exceptionally well and walked around the whole museum.

Abi used bean bags to count corresponding numbers to symbols from 1-3, Abi required staff support and motivation requesting a treat prior to learning, Abi did focus and found the task accessible his attention span was fairly limited (1-2 mins).

Elsie was very engaged for the start, watching Annmarie using the scales making one side heavier or lighter. She helped to put items in the scales and indicated to the heavier one when asked. At the table she filled the cup to full, half full, nearly empty and empty, and used the core board, pointing to the relevant picture each time. She was very engaged throughout the lesson.

During his numeracy lesson learning about capacity, Raid was able to use a spoon to scoop up coloured rice and put it in the cup and he seemed more focused by wearing the ear defenders. Raid needed verbal prompting to fill the cup and some signing of 'more' or 'finished' so he could independently choose how much he wanted to put or not put in. Afterwards Raid was verbally supported to choose by pointing to the right answer out of two pictures to saying it was half full.

Reese was content to sit and take turns with a peer using Grid 3 in ECT time. Having waited calmly, Reese then selected the song of his choice remaining focused and regulated throughout.

During his literary lesson learning the letter d sound Charles was able to find the objects that all started with d , with verbal prompting he matched up the objects name label to the object. Charles was focused for at least 5 mins.