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w/e 3/03/23

Evelyn took part in the Charlie and the chocolate story during world book day. She explored all the props well and showed good anticipation when being sprayed with water.

For our world book theme day, David joined in with a stage 4 bucket in class and enjoyed a P.E. workshop in the gym. He enjoyed both activities and was happy throughout.

Eliza was able to independently cook the mushrooms and the bacon on the hob. Eliza was aware that it was hot and took care. Eliza used the tongs and the spatula to turn the bacon over when prompted to by staff. Once the bacon was cooked Eliza was able to take it off the pan and put it on a plate ready for serving.

Tamara showed Everett the social story I made and walked with him, with me leading further in front, to the green room. It took Everett a few minutes to transition from Daisies to the green room. Once in the green room I gave him time to get a feel for the room, staying silent also. After a few minutes he took the brick from my hand and placed it on the mat and began building. When I felt he had had enough I showed him the symbols ‘finished or more’ and he crossed his arms, like the finished symbol.

With adult support, William was able to count out and label up to 3 cubes. He counted out one cube independently.

Casper was able to use the conjunction ‘and’ when writing his sentences about our story ‘The Adventurers go on a Polar Quest’. He did this with minimum adult support.

Harry independently asked if he could glue and stick. Once I got resources ready for him, he sat for at least 10 minutes and explained to me what he was using and what he was going to make saying “I’m making a pirate picture".