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w/e 7/10/22

Nathan was asked to create a 3-step pattern using any equipment. He chose the shapes and said that he was going to create a colour pattern. He laid out a yellow then 2 reds, I asked what would come next and he suggested more red pieces. I suggested the pattern could repeat what he already had and he then completed the rest of the row independently.

Skyla needed verbal prompts to look at her Go Talk to choose from the 2 symbols. Either chair or floor. Skyla pressed floor, she was offered it again and was able to choose floor again.

Levi went to fill up the teapot with water so he could pour some tea for the adults. He poured very carefully without spilling any and offered a cup to each adult once they were full. When the adult asked if they could pour some tea too, Levi handed the teapot over to the adult.

Charlie was able to follow a circuit with prompt from staff, he listen to instructions and followed pictures and understood when a task had finished.

 Kartik and Skyla were able to activate the horse with a switch each. One made the horse move and one made the noise. When both switches were disconnected they both carried on pressing the switch but looked at the horse with confused facial expressions.