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w/e 16 June 2023

Sami completed a whole sheet of subtraction sums with verbal and visual support. Sometimes he over counted, so I verbally prompted him to rub out and start again, which he did. He also needed some verbal prompts to start counting again at the correct number. Sami seemed to enjoy doing this and pointed to ‘happy’ on his feelings sheet when asked.

Sapphira was instructed to pick her bag up from the floor with some gestural prompting. With an adult supporting her, she picked up her bag and then was looking for her peg to put her bag on. She selected the wrong peg, so she was asked to try again and then with an adult she identified her peg and put her bag on it.

Zain had an amazing sports day off site at St Luke’s school! He really enjoyed a range of activities indoors and out.

David mostly understood the bad choices and good choices. He needed some verbal prompt but completed the activity. Some of the answers were incorrect but the adult explained why it was incorrect and he repeated the action and which choice was correct.

Kartik was able to undo his ankle straps . He needed support to bring his legs up to his knees to remove his sandals independently.

Hannah found the correct answers on the map of Whipsnade Zoo, she took the correct stickers off and put them on the sheet with verbal prompts and me holding up two fingers for two. Hannah was very focused with this activity and seemed to enjoy it

During morning circle time, as a class we were discussing about how we are feeling and what zone we are in. This was modelled to Eva by an adult talking about their feelings. Eva was prompted to look at the zone of regulation lanyard cards to explore the different emotions we may experience. Eva was looking between green and blue zone when she heard “happy” or “tired”. The adult instructed her and said to choose if she was happy or tired. Eva was fleeting between both and we acknowledged that. Later, she was asked to come to the interactive whiteboard and choose the the colour she was feeling. She was looking at the blue zone, so with adult support, we selected Eva’s photo and slid it across to the blue zone, repeating that Eva is feeling tired so she is in the blue zone.

During our community visit, William was able to answer questions using his communication book and pointing to the symbols. He could tell me what the weather was like today choosing "Sunny" and then in the shop he pointed to the cream cheese as we brought it.  William needed some verbal and gestural prompting to use his book.

Evelyn would lie on her left hand side and listen to a story on the IWB. She would smile and laugh as she listened to the story, enjoying the different voices. She needed support getting into the right position, but once she was comfortable she lay there listening happily for the duration of the lesson.

After showing Anas and Nathan how to use the chose board they both, independently, made their “I want more coloured Lego please” using their voice as they pointed to each word. After doing this a few times they then played together, making things with Lego and sharing things they found with each other.

Frankie was able to throw and catch a ball. He would work with a member of staff who gave him verbal prompts throughout the session. When we did batting to begin with he needed hand over hand support then by the end of the lesson he was asking for more and hitting the ball on his own. He was happy throughout the session.