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w/e 30/09/22

 Levi sat at the table independently after PSED circle time and began to take part in an adult-led activity. He looked in the mirror and then started painting using different colours.

Thomas was shown how to copy the numicon pattern and then asked to complete the rest. He was initially able to select the correct piece but struggled with where to put it in relation to the pieces already on the table. After seeing it modelled a few times, he was able to start putting the pieces into the correct place for the pattern and finished it independently.

Samuel has attended circle time/ bucket group after a tambourine has been used. Samuel mostly needs a few prompts from staff to attend circle time or bucket, He attended this bucket group independently without prompt from staff. He showed lots of engagement throughout. After 6 minutes Samuel got up and sat on the floor but was still looking at the bucket group and engaging until the end of the session.

Saxon has made a new friend and they have been playing in the playground together interacting nicely. Saxon is very happy and gets excited to play with his friend at play time. He expresses this by saying ‘Where is Levi’ and ‘Look there’s Levi, can I go play’.

For Literacy, we have been writing our own newsletters. Eliza was given a choice of 2 to fill in the missing gap. She attempted to write (HOH support) and then used stickers to complete her writing. She was able to identify correct answer with few verbal prompts.

Teddy enjoyed using the space hopper during our sensory circuit this afternoon. He watched the adult and then imitated her actions independently.

Levi came to the table independently he picked up a knife and begun cutting the apple he persevered with cutting it until he cut it half. He was really happy once he cut it in half and said “I did it”. He then went over to the mark making table and selected a yellow felt pen to colour in a banana and carefully coloured it in. The adult asked what the fruit was and he said “nana” he also attempted to say ‘yellow’ for the colour when asked.