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w/e 24 November 2023

Ava sat well for the ‘5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer’ lesson, she collected each alien as I discarded them during the song. She then sat and counted out some pictures correctly “5” and “3”. Afterwards, she went and sat with all 5 aliens. I went over to talk to Ava about the aliens. We talked about the colour and that they came from space and travelled by spaceship. Ava was able to say that they were “green” after some processing time when I had asked her what colour they were.

Levi and Monroe were using the switch to play a game on the board, which they each took turns using. This is great practice of sharing and taking turns.

Francesco and Elliott have become good friends, they both initiate interactions and can tell each other when they have finished using gestures and vocalisations. Francesco copies the way staff give Elliott a head massage.

While an adult stayed near Jimmy and encouraged him to sit on a tricycle, he did so independently. He enjoyed the moving effect he had while using his legs and even smiled to himself. Jimmy also showed interest in a bike. He sat at it independently and again with adults verbal encouragement, he put his feet on the pedals and did several leg movements. An adult pushed Jimmy while he stayed focused on the action of moving and he also shared his bike with a friend, which was praised by the adult.

Evie explored the coloured sand inside the bag. Her hand was placed inside the bag and she opened her hand and moved her fingers briefly.