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w/e 19 January 2024

During Food Technology, Ibrahim was asked which side of the food cutter he wanted to use, the bumpy side or the smooth side. He vocalised showing which side he wanted to use and shook his head to say "no" to the other side. He was engaged with this as soon as he was asked and lasted around 2 minutes. He was supported by an adult in holding the object.

Zain interacted with the lesson task very well. He stuck stickers down in the correct place, matching the letters to the word after tracing the letter. He also read out the words with verbal help from staff, wrote out the whole words & with a staff member prompting the letters, he completed the whole work booklet.

Lexi wanted to take part in a table activity involving chopping lemons. She seemed to enjoy the smell and taste of the lemons, by licking and smelling them & was keen to chop all the lemon slices into smaller pieces.

In Literacy, Monroe was able to say that the colour of the pig from the story was pink, using the pink symbol before sticking it down on the paper. This is an example of Monroe engaging in a colour semantic activity. Next, she was able to distinguish between the wolf and the pig and cut and stuck the correct images underneath the animal from the story. She attempted to use scissors after initially ripping the paper with her hands, working on her motor skills and coordination. Lastly, when asked what the image of the wolf climbing on top of the roof was doing, she cut out the symbol for climbing, suggesting that she is beginning to understand verbs.

Thomas continuous to make progress with cutting his dinner. He knows where to put the cutlery and can start to do the sawing motion. He is gradually pushing harder whilst cutting.

David bought a snack from the tuck shop in the afternoon. He chose biscuits by himself. A member of staff asked him for £1 for the biscuit. They showed different coins on the table and let David chose the correct coin. He needed promoting to find the correct coin for the payment.