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w/e 14/10/22

Everett engaged well in our phonics lesson focusing on the sound 'a'. He particularly enjoyed the alligator puppet and the snap snap! Everett was vocalising throughout the interaction and sounded like he was saying 'don't bite me' but putting out his hand and laughing when the alligator did a snap snap. We will focus on language development through the use of puppets and engaging objects throughout phonics lessons.

Sam was placing the figures into the numbered cars. The adult modelled counting the figures with Sam.

When entering the gym, Amber is taken over to the trampoline and as soon as she hears someone bang the trampoline bed very loudly, Amber smiles and giggles. When on the trampoline she lies down and we start of with small bounces, which she is ok with, but she much prefers it when we get to the large bounces, and jumping high.

For ASDAN, Sami had to complete a poster about the emergency services, he chose policeman! He practised calling 999 and was able to give key information to the caller, e.g. his name, location and what service was needed. He designed his own poster using symbols, photos, sentences and a title and decorated it too. He dressed up as a policeman and presented his poster to the class. Well done Sami!

The Adventurers went to an adventure playground for their community visit today. They all acted responsibly and listened to adult instructions to stay safe whilst in the playground and walking through the car park.

David did very well in cooking! He had visual instructions to follow and chose different things that he wanted to do, e.g. chop ham, grate cheese, which he did with HOH support. He wiped his table with support too. He loved the pizza that he made, and had some support to cut using a knife and fork.