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w/e 22 December 2023

Wilf sat well for a maths lesson. He was able to place a hand one at a time into the big Numicon piece as we counted out "1,2". He then sat at the table and was given a shape sorter with a couple of balls. He was able to place both balls into the hole and given lots of praise. He was then given a token shape sorter which he initially found tricky after some modelling and hand over hand support. Wilf was then independently able to place the tokens into the small slot.

Samuel attended 3 stages of the bucket session & sat independently, eating & focusing well on all the activities. At the third stage he really enjoyed watching a teacher and his friends splatting a foamy snowman - the results of the actions on changing the foam. When it was his turn to splat he giggled and went down to the tuff tray to explore the foamy texture with his hands, after good waiting for his turn.

Amber is here sitting with one of a number of new toys that we have been gifted in December. The toy repeats spoken words or sound in the environment but in a slowed down version. Amber was very interested in the toy and studied it as it’s mouth and face moved when it spoke.
She started smiling & reaching for it, so we placed it up on a bench to encourage her to reach up and keep her back more straight.

For our stage 3 Christmas bucket we had a ‘snow storm’, the students sat on a chair, wore Santa’s hat and experienced a snow storm! For stage four we had a Christmas colouring sheet. Beth enjoyed the session and engaged well throughout.