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w/e 19 May 2023

Everett participated really well in our communication session with Emily and enjoyed using the switch-operated toys, in particular the switch that operated the bubble machine. He seemed to understand the correlation between him pressing the switch and the machine producing bubbles.

Ilias was engaged in the task to build a car using Grid 3. He could link what he needed to find with minimal verbal prompting. He made choices for all parts of the car. When asked where he wanted his car to travel, he chose the closest scene. Next time he could use the story board to look more carefully at the choices.

Dylan was able to create and write a sentence in literacy using colourful semantics, he could identify who was doing what independently using symbols to support. He read his sentence back to the adult with a prompt. I asked Dylan whether he was writing numbers or letters, Dylan said it was a number. Prior to this activity Dylan was dysregulated, he followed his schedule with adult support for work then choosing.

During gardening, Rihanna was exploring the garden looking at all the different flowers. An adult was blowing on a dandelion when Rihanna walked up to the adult and was copying what adult was doing. An adult would verbal prompt Rihanna “Rihanna blow” and she did follow what adult was telling her. She then was looking at the daisies in the garden.

With minimal verbal support David was able to recognise the human lifecycle. He then choose them from a choice of three and stuck the symbols to the correct word.

Eliza did very well during the cook your own session. Eliza started by frying the bacon in the frying pan. Then Eliza put some mushrooms in another frying pan and tomatoes mixing it using a wooden spoon. Eliza cooked some pears and apples in a pot and when it was ready she assembled it in the baking tin and put some crumble on the top. Eliza fried the hash browns and using two forks she turned it over until it was cooked.

In literacy Elsie needed lots of verbal prompting to complete her work, she also needed verbal prompting to keep focused. Elsie’s work was to circle round the letters beginning with the letter S .

Samuel came into the gym and watched his friends have a turn on the activity. He would then come and join in with hand over hand support from staff and he was able to move the ball with the scoop. He was also able to balance on the stepping stones independently and enjoyed going back to this activity time after time. He happily took part in the PE session.