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w/e 9/12/22

First, we stopped at the playground where Elliot enjoyed playing with his peers. Then, we went to McDonald’s and Elliot used the choosing board to request what he wanted to eat. Elliot chose chips and ketchup. He enjoyed his food and was dipping the chips in the little pot with ketchup carefully. He loved this trip and transitioned back to the school very well.

Today Zaina has painted Christmas ornaments for our Christmas tree. She was focused on the task and painted inside the lines with the paintbrush. She did the activity for about five minutes until I said it was finished.

Maisie enjoyed sitting at the daffodils Christmas stall and selling the Rudolph hot chocolate. She took the money and gave change. She enjoyed walking round the Christmas fair with her mum and brought chocolate.

Natalia had a go at hook a reindeer nose at the Christmas Fair.