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w/e 16/09/22

Casper was asked to make 2-digit numbers using numicon; an adult modelled how to count up the tens and then add the units. He was able to then make a variety of numbers up to 50 very quickly and independently using multiple ten pieces and then a single piece for the units.

Ismael matched the numicon shapes to the stencil to make shapes and counted the numicon holes up to 10 without prompt or help.

Casper listened to the story ‘Juniper Jupiter’. He was then asked to answer the question, “What makes Juniper Jupiter special?” Casper was able to answer “She is fast” and wrote it himself. He was then given some prompts for the further sentences, such as arms up for strong and reminded to include “super”. He wrote the sentences independently, remembering finger spaces. I then prompted him to add the full stops.

Everett was playing with the the small world playground toy. I gave him a playmobil person and said “should we put him down the slide?” whilst putting the playmobil person at the top of the slide and moving the toy down the slide. Everett repeated “slide” and then without prompting took the person from me and placed him at the top of the slide saying “1,2,3 slide” before releasing him to go down the slide.

In numeracy, pupils were learning to recognise squares, triangles and circles. Ramzan could recognise a symbol of a square and circle with support when shown a choice of two shape symbols. Next, Ramzan followed steps to make a sandwich, using a knife to spread butter and then putting on cheese. Ramzan also verbally repeated bread when demonstrated by an adult and verbally requested more cheese to put on his sandwich.