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w/e 1/12/22

David was given the choice of 3 items. David was shown a symbol and then the object. Initially David picked "toy", but after seeing the items change to "ball" he then gave me the "ball" symbol after some verbal prompts. Good choosing David!

Elsie worked in a team to carry the water in a bucket to the Forest School fire.

Levi found the sensory sock and tried to put it on his head. An adult helped him put the sock on correctly and he looked in the mirror doing different movements in the sock. He went into the other room to show his friends.

Andrei washed his work experience clothes, he had verbal instructions but was familiar with the steps. He put clothes into machine closed door, added powder and turned switches.

Eliza was able to follow instructions to make the apple crumble today. Eliza learnt a new skill of using a peeler and was so successful! Eliza peeled 5 apples then cored and cut the apples safely. Eliza done a fantastic job! Well Done!

Jannah was practicing signing "fire" in gardening, copying the adult. She signed "fire is smelly" with adult prompts.