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w/e 1 March 2024

Bailey-Mae was able to to put the correct number of spots on the toadstools & did up to five, with minimal support.

Elliot engaged really well in numeracy. We watched a video about different hot and cold things & he then touched an ice lolly and said "it’s cold", then the hot water bottle and said "it’s hot". We then showed Elliot different pictures of things and he independently told me which were hot and which were cold and stuck them on the correct sheet.

Elliott was able to complete the set tasks with lots of verbal prompts. He was able to find the correct food item that was on the order form & handed the completed order to his peers with verbal prompts from staff. He then took a turn at being a customer and was able to use a core board to chose what he would like from the breakfast cafe. He used stickers to complete the order and gave it to his peer.

Amber was very engaged in the Music Therapy session. She was supported by an adult to bang on and feel the movement within the ocean drums, smiling throughout as she heard the balls within make a sound. After a peer had a turn on the drum, Amber also reached to towards the drum indicating she would like another go, which she was given.

Elsie helped to make cottage pie during Food Tech. She chopped vegetables with some support and then fried the vegetables and mashed the potatoes.

In our PE lesson Ava explored different sized and textured balls. She then participated in turn taking with adult prompts and encouragement.

During Numeracy Eva interacted really well with the cold ice cubes, picking them up and really focusing on the object. It was a fun full lesson, with little verbal prompting.