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w/e 15 September 2023

With gestural support and from a choice of two, Frankie was able to build his name during a literacy session about places he may visit during the community.

Ilias had a matching sheet for numicon and numbers. He looked to me for reassurance for each number and needed some verbal prompting for numbers 5-10. He was more confident at numbers 1-5. Ilias engaged very well with learning and needed verbal and some gestural support throughout.

Ramzan finger tracing. With the use of a timer and now & next book Ramzan sat down for circle time. We did an attention autism bucket and looked at the letter “A” in phonics. He got up a few times during circle, but came crack after prompting . After circle he was promted to sit at the table with the flour tray. His objective was to finger trace the letter “A”. First he put his hand on mine and I modelled it, then I got his hand and modelled again.

James explored the playground, climbing looking at cars on the road. He was singing to himself as he climbed. He returned to the climbing frame and then the rail chatting to himself. James followed another child pushing the car and continued to chat alongside her. James returned to the rail to watch the cars.

Lexi took a keen interest in the tuff tray with coloured sand in it. She moved the paintbrush around making different shapes and lines. An adult drew an ‘s’ shape in the sand using the paintbrush then said Lexi’s turn. Lexi took the paintbrush and started to make marks over the lines of the ‘s’ shape attempting to make the letter shape independently.

Evelyn showed enjoyment when smelling basil and cheese. When she was smelling she made a chewing movement with her mouth.