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w/e 9 June 2023

Ananya participated well in our food tech session. Ananya really enjoyed crushing biscuits to make our sea themed snack. Ananya watched adult modelling and then independently crushed her biscuits. Ananya added her biscuits to her dessert, exploring the different textures. She engaged well with the task, and seemed very happy doing this!

Elliot was very interested in the science lesson. With verbal prompts he answered questions about water, ice and liquid and when he touched ice he said it was cold. Elliot pointed twice at the correct answer.

With some verbal prompting, Raid was able to match 3 beanbags and 2 fish to the correct “fish”number cards. He engaged in this activity for about 3 minutes!

Elliott taking an interest in whether the animals are from a zoo or if they are domestic pets at home!

Jacob was able to look at the differences between liquid, gas and solid during a science lesson using his communication board to say what he though the objects were.

As I was setting up this activity, Reese came over immediately and independently sat down and waited to have a go, he was very engaged with this!

On the playground, Lexi was painting some bricks with chalk. I sat near her and she gave me the chalk to continue painting. We took turns, I would colour a brick, then give the chalk back to Lexi, she would colour some more and gave the chalk back to me. A few times she guided my hand to the brick she wanted me to paint. The interaction lasted approximately 10 minutes. She was vocalising throughout!

In his gardening lesson with verbal prompting William used his communication book to pick a child that he wanted to work with by pointing at the photo of the peer out of all his class peer’s photos, he was very engaged and focused by looking at each photo!