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w/e 25/11/22

David participated in he sensory circuit this morning for the first time. He had an adult model and copied this verbal prompts. He did so well! He matched velcro dots, carried sandbags, threw bean bags into bucket, stood on boogy board, tried on the body sock and used the weighted blanket. David responded really well to gestural and verbal prompts.

In food tech Thomas choose appropriate kitchen equipment when verbally asked to find the cheese greater, he looked for the picture symbol on the cupboard door first then took greater out and then used it independently.

Maisie is trying to recognise the letter ’m’. She put the stickers on the letter ’m’ independently and used the sound ‘m’ few times while I was showing her the words start with ‘m’. I asked her to find her picture using the sound ‘m’ and she found it. Maisie enjoyed doing this activity.

Elsie followed the visual instructions of the step by step guide to complete the sensory circuit, she needed some verbal prompting and some visual gestures to keep her at the right equipment for the amount time using the sand timer.

Natalia was able to trace the letter B independently. She followed the arrow and copied the pattern. She then coloured the letter B. Some verbal and gestural support were needed to initiate and complete the activity.