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w/e 27/05/22

Lexi pulled herself up and rocked happily from side to side as the adult sang 'rock rock rock the boat'. She pulled the adults hands for more.

During literacy, Eliza joined in with the rap and matched worded sentences to symbolled sentences with verbal prompts.

Ibrahim was supported to hold a ball and once support was withdrawn, his arms would stay raised for a few seconds. He was then supported to put the ball on the target.

Ismael started writing and saying 'g' then 'pig'. He repeated writing the word twice.

During the PE session, Jessie realised that she did not have a ball, so she took herself over to the bag and looked inside to find a ball to play with

Amber enjoyed looking at the farm animals, the butterflies and the fish.  She was engaged throughout and looked toward the different animals or items the adult pointed to. Well done Amber!

Thomas was able to follow the verbal instructions and count the right amount of gems onto the crown. He was asked whether we need to add more or less and he answered correctly. He needed both verbal and gestural support using the lessons.

Samuel used the hanger to beat the drum, putting his ear close to listen. He turned the drum round and poked the hanger inside it. 

Skyla was able to hold the balloon and bounce it on the paper to make a painting for the Jubilee celebrations!

Kartik took part in the Jubilee celebrations on the playground. He was a little unsettled at first but started to enjoy the atmosphere of the people and music.