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w/e 17/03/23

Reese displayed a lot of engagement in the story session ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ what do you see? He focused on the pictures and objects as the adult presented them and watched intently as the adult poured different coloured sand into the tuff tray. Reese remained in circle independently.

Casper was asked to write sentences about two images from our non-fiction text about the desert then extend them using ‘and’. He was able to say single words relating to the pictures and then was given the whole sentence by an adult. He could then write out the sentence independently and was prompted to think of how to make the sentence longer using ‘and’. He could again think of single words and then write out the whole sentence. He used small handwriting but struggled to put the writing on the lines.


Thomas was able to trace over the words on his work sheet with minimal verbal prompting.

Zain independently used his communication board to make a choice on what he wanted in his sandwich and crisps in his indoor picnic. With an adult model, he inconsistently made full sentence using ‘I want.’ Zain made his sandwich with few physical prompts to spread butter. He really enjoyed making and eating his indoor picnic!

Jacob used his communication board, tapping crisps consistently. After clear adult modelling, he inconsistently tapped 'I' and 'want' before the symbol of his choice. Jacob made his sandwich with some physical prompts. He used the communication board to request 'crisps', he tapped 'I', looked at the adult, then 'want', looked at adult and then 'crisps'. He made attempts to say ‘I want crisps.’

He really enjoyed making and eating his indoor picnic!

Maisie used her communication board to cross the road with adult support.

Riana was able to pick up the figures using her finger and thumb and attempted to fit them through the gaps. She required support from an adult to put it through the correct shaped hole.

Nathan was able to identify all the coins on his worksheet and write the corresponding monetary value . Independent learning.