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w/e 23/09/22

Eman was very engaged in digging soil into a container and moving it to another vegetable bed. Charles noticed what he was doing and went to join him. The two boys dug happily alongside each other for a few minutes, putting soil into the same container and making occasional eye contact.

Kartik was able to break bananas apart. Use his pincer grip to pick up blueberries and was supported to pour milk into the blender. He then used a switch to activate the blender.

David helped to fetch some water with adult support and washed the potatoes that one of his peers had dug up. He rubbed some mud off the potatoes independently and helped an adult to put them in the camp fire.

Teddy played with the sand by himself for around 5 minutes. He found 2 plastic pipes, stood them upright and filled each one with sand, looking closely at the sand as he filled.

Elsie was asked to create sentences using stickers, with a subject (Juniper Jupiter) and then a choice of 4 adjectives. She had to choose the correct adjective based on the picture from the story then put the sticker in the correct place using the colourful semantics colour coding. She was then asked to copy write the words. Elsie was able to choose the correct stickers herself and add them with support then made an attempt at copywriting.