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w/e 12 January 2024

We asked the students what tasks they liked or didn’t like when working in the cafe. Hannah was very engaged and very specific about what she liked and disliked.

Saxon was asked to type out less familiar long words beginning with ‘c’. He was initially reluctant and said it was "too hard", but the adult helped model the first word, then Saxon continued to type out all of the words with minimal support.

David was able to walk around The Range with an adult and went to the store cafe. He chose his own snack and paid for the item with adult prompts. He was then able to wait for his change and recipt and sat with his friends to eat his snack.

Ari was standing in front of the mark making table whilst an adult put a ‘Draw the shapes’ picture onto the table and held a green pen towards him saying, “Ari, green square”. He took the green pen, closed all of his fingers around it, looked at the picture and then began to mark across the square, colouring up and down, round and round and then back and forwards across the page.

Eva used a thread and a selection of beads to create a necklace, using signs that relayed the corresponding symbols and words for each colour. She spent 7-10 mins fully involved using her hand eye coordination and dexterity, as well as noting that each colour was a different word, for literacy.

Sapphira is working at split levels when using ECT/ ICT apps and equipment in class. She is fully able to grasp and confidently operate a wide range of grid 3 player switch games, and is as a result fully aware that she will be exposed to a range of responses when different selected (high standard to complete level). However, Sapphira is still working at an acquiring level in terms of her social interaction when turn taking, requiring a staff member to help if and when a peer joins in and turn taking is required.

Lilien was given a tray of sand and a paintbrush to make marks during our phonics lesson. Lilien was very reluctant to use the paintbrush or touch the sand so the adult made marks for her while she watched. Lilien was choosing her marks and looking very closely at each one on her paper and was able to find the star shape and the rainbow shape.

Ari took part in our phonics lesson this morning. He sat during circle time and looked at each object as it was taken out of the bag and shown to him. After circle time, Ari was encouraged to go to the table and engage in some mark making. Ari was given a tray of sand and shown how to make marks using his fingers. The adult modelled how to make a spiral and Ari watched very closely then used his hands and fingers to make marks and looked at each mark he made each time he removed his hands from the sand.