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w/e 10/03/23

Sam was able to choose games independently on the iPad. He could then play games and choose different ones independently.

Elliott was able to find items from his shopping list in the shop scan items and pay for items with minimal prompts.

Sapphira was completing the sensory circuit with adult support. She followed the visual in-task schedule. She bounced on the ball independently. She completed some of the stages such as running (speed walking), balancing and breathing with an adult. She recalled how to complete the activities from prior experience, so she was responsive and engaged with the activities.

During leisure learning I gave Dylan an iPad and he accepted it. I’ve never seen him use an iPad in school so this was unexpected. Dylan knew how to use it and looked at all the apps and picked one he wanted to play with. He played with the iPad nicely and independently.

Skyla took part in a parallel art session with another peer. She focused well, choosing the coloured stickers she wanted to use. She needed support to take place the stickers but was hand over hand supported to press them onto the picture.

During her food tech lesson, Elsie was asked to cut the fruit for her fruit kebab. This was not modelled to her and she was encouraged to consider what she needed to do first and what equipment she would need. She knew she needed to peel the banana and then use a knife to cut; she was able to do this independently, holding the banana in one hand and the knife in the other.

Teddy sat on the chair and used vocalisations to make marks in the paint. He dipped his left hand fingers in the paint and made several marks across the area. He continued to make marks and vocalise until he was finished.