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w/e 23 June 2023

Jannah loved the trip to the fruit farm. She picked strawberries and tried them when we got back to school. She loved playing in the sand with her friends, working together to fill the truck with sand before emptying it. Jannah also loved the tractor ride, she was shouting with excitement throughout.

In our creative arts music session, Thomas played a drum to the beat of one of his favourite songs that he chose independently. Thomas was really happy with his performance and celebrated his music strengths by giving his friend a high five. Thomas was very engaged throughout the session.

David loved making juice ice lollies with hand over hand support. David had lots of verbal and gestural support to complete his learning, he was not focused on his learning. He enjoyed his lolly in the afternoon.


Maisie came calmly into the gym settled and ready for the cricket session. To begin with she would throw and catch a ball with an adult, she would do this with verbal prompts from the member of staff. We then tried hitting the ball with a bat, Staff would say ‘ready, steady’ and Maisie would say go. And she would hit the ball with hand over hand support.

    Teddy engaged well with the ‘snail and the whale’ sensory story during circle time and then sat with an adult to be supported to take part in a table learning activity. The adult talked about the whale and peeled the sticker and Teddy took the sticker and stuck it onto his work.

    An adult modelled the letter “i” in the flour. William was then asked to trace over the letter “i”. He did this independently and then continued to write the letter “i” in the flour. He completed this activity 3 times and enjoyed this very much.

    When given the choice of two to choose from using verbal and gestural prompts, Ilias was generally able to select the correct symbol. He copied the actions of the people playing the drums and dancing when reading back the sentences with the adult.