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w/e 8 September 2023

Thomas explaining really confident when explaining what evidence there was of Chris stealing the chocolate mousse.

Wilf had a great first day. He seemed comfortable on the bus to school and started to explore all areas of the room as soon as he arrived. Wilf seemed particularly interested in the sensory toys and enjoyed exploring all the different textures of the balls in the water tray. He used a spoon and his hand to move pasta shapes around the messy tray and enjoyed watching his reflection in the mirror as he moved his body around. At snack time, Wilf showed a great understanding of daily routines. He saw the snack boxes being put on the table and immediately sat down. He chose his snack by picking the breadsticks box up and handing it to an adult. He sat at the table while he was eating his snack and had a drink from his water bottle. When it was time to go to the playground, Wilf accepted sun cream application and put his hat on. At lunch time, Wilf sat at the table and ate some bread and butter. When it was time to change Wilf, the adult used an object of reference (nappy) along with language and gesture and Wilf walked to the bathroom independently.

Sam engaged well during our story then chose a letter to decorate after circle time. When given a choice between paint and pens and Sam verbally chose paint. He then gesturally asked for a paintbrush and sponge. He used the brush to paint the sponge - the adult modelled using the sponge on the paper which Sam copied. He was engaged in the activity with little support for about 10 minutes.


David enjoyed his first day back. He participated in a stage 4 bucket, and engaged well throughout. For stage 3 David enjoyed signing his finger print onto the class canvas and for stage 4 he drew himself by mark making with a felt tip. David was smiling throughout the session, and was very keen for his turn with the stage 3 activity!

Elliott had to use both notes and a pound coin to buy toys. He was able to identify the notes and choice from a limited choice but was able to combine them without support.

Amber was shown the light pipe and it was moved around her head . She tracked left, right, up and down on her tray. She showed enjoyment but vocalising and smiling.

Eva used yoga activities within a numeracy class to echo staff stretching gestures whilst counting from 1-3. Eva was clearly engaged and mirrored the movements throughout the count.