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w/e 9 February 2024

Zain really enjoyed his class trip to a cafe. He was able to use his communication board and his voice to request chips and ketchup independently! He sat and ate with his friends and had a lovely time!

Charlie placed Cheerios into the holes of Numicon shapes during a numeracy session. He counted the Cheerios with prompting, to focus on the task. Charlie then chose which Numicon shape was 1 more and 1 less with support.

Francesco has spent this half term learning to recognise emergencies. He has started this week, learning to dial 999. Francesco has his emergency call broken into steps. Dial 999, vocalise, then dial 55. Francesco needed physical support to dial numbers. He could find the numbers with visual and verbal support.

Saxon was able to identify the sequence of what happened in the Supertato story independently, using the captions to help.

On a community trip to Sainsburys, Wilf was able to choose his own snack. He showed lots of interest in the snack another child brings in their lunch box, so the teacher took him down the aisle where they were situated. The adult prompted Wilf to choose and he went straight to those snacks and took them off the shelf. Wilf held the snack all the way to the till and was supported to scan it. When prompted, Wilf put his snack into a bag and held the bag all the way back to the bus.

After finding the sensory circuit had not yet been set up in the hall, Eman walked straight over to the box and opened it, taking out the yellow line dividers. He used a photo of what the circuit should look like as a guide to put the equipment in the right section. He did this with minimal adult support.

Ilias independently stuck together CVC words with pictures that were split in to 3 sections. He completely engaged in the session and put them in the right order and glued them. He then independently traced the letter ‘I’ on a worksheet & when an adult wrote Ilias’ name, he traced over it.