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w/e 13 October 2023

Sam engaged really in food tech making oat banana biscuits. He followed verbal and written instructions to mix the ingredients together and poured into tray. He then helped wash up with minimal support.

David enjoyed the St Albans theme day stage four bucket. He was able to dip cotton balls in paint and throw them on the waffle. He also sprinkled sequences on the waffle with minimal support. David engaged very well throughout this session and interacted with adults appropriately.

Amber was able to activate a head switch while standing in her frame. She was focused on the mixer while she activated the switch. She kept her head in position to watch the mixer go round.

Zaina engaged well in food tech making oat banana biscuits. She followed written and verbal instructions to mix ingredients together and spoon mixture into the baking tray.

Riana needed quite a bit of adult support to sequence the numbers. She was given a choice of 2 and I verbalised what the number was she needed. She was able to sequence 0, 1 and 2 independently, but needed adult support with the rest.

Jannah was learning about what happens during the day and night, along with sequencing her day. Jannah was engaged throughout the sorting activity, she was able to sort the majority of the symbols into activities during the day and night. She required with activities that could be done in both.

Amber enjoyed our community visit to the Catherdral, continuously looking at all her surroundings. She spent time exploring different objects. Amber liked the feel of the shield when involved in dress up.