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w/e 24/02/23

David’s classroom job is spraying table and chairs this week. David needed help holding the bottle but David could spray the bottle. Well done David!

During this mornings numeracy session Jacob was learning to understand the meaning of hot and cold and was using the ice to count. Jacob attempted to separate the symbols into hot and cold. Jacob then chose to make a cold milkshake.

Evelyn reacted to an unfamiliar adult with a big smile and a little giggle . She repeated this twice!

Elsie was given a colouring sheet and asked to colour in independently for a few minutes without asking an adult for help. She was given a timing to support her with this. She was able to do some colouring spoon the duration of the timer, she found it difficult not to speak to adults in the room about other topics, such as what the other students were doing.

Lexi was prompted to participate in the daily sensory circuit, she sat on the gym ball following the sensory circuit schedule and moved around rather than bouncing up and down. She took the symbol off the schedule when the ball activity was finished and moved onto the organising activity of stepping blocks with adult support. Once this had finished Lexi removed the symbol and moved onto the calming activity, blanket and deep breathing on the mat. Lexi began this activity in a sitting position then decide to lay down and put the blanket over her. She stayed there after the circuit timer had finished then independently went to find something else to explore.