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w/e 29 September 2023

Ilias enjoyed making pizza (and eating it) and confidently used fine motor skills to cut up the ingredients!

 In Literacy, Elsie was able to identify the CVC words by looking at the picture and matching the letters. She completed this with little support.

James was a shop keeper in shop role play today. He had to read prices to customers and check their money. He read 22 and 11 with ease! This would usually be tricky for James in front of a crowd but he read them confidently.

Sapphira was following the green-red board to complete the hand washing routine. Sapphira needed touch and gestural prompting to complete this activity.

Samuel was able to hold the knife independently guided by an adult. He took a moment looking and exploring the knife. An adult model to him how to cut the apple. He showed some interest and tried to cut the apple independently. Samuel needed some verbal and gestural support to initiate, understand and do the task.

Saxon was able to make sentences about pictures about the Hare Krishna Temple in R.E. He independently identified what he could see and was then prompted to choose a word to describe the object in the picture which he then did. He continued to complete the rest of the sentences independently.