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w/e 16 February 2024

Monroe completed a sensory circuit using a visual schedule & was able to complete each station independently, along with some adult prompts to support her.

Ari took part in a pancake day themed food exploration activity. After an adult took some ingredients to him, it sparked his curiosity & soon after, Ari made his own way to the table to explore the ingredients provided. He chose bananas and strawberries and squeezed the cream and honey onto his pancake.

During PSHE, Hayyan participated in brushing teeth and washing hair. He enjoyed using the mirror to look at his teeth, then used the big brush to practice brushing teeth before brushing his own.

During a Maths session around capacity, Ilias was able to choose how much milkshake he wanted. He then matched the coins from a choice of 2, with support from an adult. He poured the amount into a cup, which was mostly independent.

Sam was able to complete ‘I see’ sentences including an adjective such as ‘evil pea’ and ‘scare carrot’.

Thomas was able to locate the bread aisle in the supermarket. He needed some verbal prompt and gesture to find the exact product on his shopping list & to find the shelf edge price. Thomas looked at his worksheet and circled the correct price & was very engaged throughout.

Everett was asked by a member of staff about how he is feeling. The member of staff said happy or calm while pointing at the symbols. Everett said the word happy but didn’t point out to the symbols. The member of staff asked Everett again how he is feeling by pointing at the symbols happy and calm. He randomly taps the symbols and after more prompting he tapped on the happy symbols then calm and then frustrated. Everett was engaged during the activity it mainly adult led.

Ohen spent some time on the ice rink during our winter sports day. He was reluctant to put the skates on but was happy to go in his shoes. Ohen walked around watching everybody and smiling. When the snow machine started up, Ohen was taken over by an adult and he explored the bubbles with his hands. When it was time to finish, Ohen was shown his now and next book and took the adults hand to walk back to Buttercups class.

Winter Sports Day - Francesco enjoyed sitting round the fire with his friends listening to James playing the guitar. In ice skating, he loved travelling over the ice on the sleigh. He also enjoyed the snow machine. With verbal prompting and gesturing, Francesco also did some tobogganing.